Artist & Designer

Fantasy art commissions for dnd characters, NPCs, and creatures. Animated rpg character sheets & characters. Graphic design for twitch assets, posters, brand design, and web design.


I do too many things.

Specialize in numerous aspects of modern digital design for personal and corporate use.

Graphic Design
Web Design
Wordpress & Code

Stormy Day

This character is from a personal project, Elements Alive.

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Attic Kids.

These characters are from the backstory of a Dungeons and Dragons character. This character was seen on The Dice Cult twitch channel.

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Kei is a Dungeons & Dragons character of mine. She is an Order of Scribes wizard.

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This scene was a was a commission for the, On the Backs of Gods, Dungeons and Dragons stream. They stream on The Dice Cult twitch channel.

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I love what I do, I work hard to make people's ideas come to life. See what my clients have to say about me.

"Abby is a wonderful artist with such a fun style! Every drawing is so vivid in personality and manages to capture the heart of my characters. She is very friendly and easy to work with, and I've seen her go over and beyond with her projects. I really enjoy her creativity and her willingness to work with my input. Get a cute doodle from her now! - Commission, Portrait of Gorbjorn"

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"Abby has created several beautiful illustrations of my primary OC. Her charming style has been indispensable bringing the character to life in my mind. I always look forward to seeing what fun and whimsical piece of art she posts on social media. She is supremely patient and attentive in the design and commissioning process, making sure to capture the splendid little details that breathe life into a character. One of her pieces still stands in a place of honor as my Discord avatar, a full year after she drew it! 11/10" - Commission, Portrait of Fenn

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"Abby takes care to ask clients about their preferences and opinions throughout the process of conceptualization, to seeing first renditions and finally to the final product. Abby makes an effort to combine her own talent, skill, and vision with her clients' ideas and visions. Abby brought my character, Zarya to life with Abby's creative eye and thoughtful touches that echo plot threads for Zarya's journey! Thank you, Abby! " - Commission, Illustration of Zarya

On Instagram

"Having commissioned @raeoffrost for a Christmas gift for my spouse, I can safely say that her art is as creatively flexible and as delightfully unexpected as its artist. She took a handful of reference pictures I gave her depicting the characters I wanted, and rendered them just as I had described - her style accommodated their explosive personalities perfectly. Even with a busy schedule, she completed the commission for me in short order, and my Husbian and I couldn't be happier with the results!!

This same versatility she flexed in my commission extends to every piece she does, from the simple to the complex. If you want to take an hour to pick apart every tiny detail hidden in a gorgeous background, take some time to look at the scene she rendered of our D&D characters, Saga Bloom and Nanna Hemmingsdottir, dancing in the abandoned Temple to Bragi.

Basically, if you haven't gotten a commission from her yet, you owe yourself a treat!" - Commissions, Wasteland Diaries, Nanna, Dancers 

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